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No matter where you are in Scotland, we offer you an opportunity to learn and gain skills through training and volunteering opportunities abroad.


We want to help you to feel confident, get qualifications and help others from disadvantaged places.


We take volunteers on multiple trips throughout the year, as well as mentors who will be by your side to support you.

We work with partner organisations to organise volunteer placements abroad in Ghana and Romania, and dependent on the political situation, Eastern European countries. They all have different activities and tasks and will work on some different skills.

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Start a New Day with us

Your journey with us

1. Getting Started

Register your interest on our website form

3. Training

Training takes place across eight to ten weeks  and covers mentor matching and pre-departure support to get you ready to go!

5. Post Trip Support

STAND and your mentor will support you

2. Informal Interview

We will be in touch with you to have a chat and get to know you

4. Trip Abroad

To your destination country

  • How long is a typical trip abroad?
    A typical programme 10 days to 2 weeks, although there is a pre-departure training programme which is compulsory. For our High Intensity Teams, the trip will last 4-5 days and training will be a couple of meetings before the trip.
  • How far in advance do I have to apply?
    If you would like to do a longer trip, we suggest you get in touch with us 3 - 4 months before it takes place. If you are doing a High Intensity Team, you can apply at any time. The first step in the process is to complete the enquiries form on our website so that discussions & selection can begin.
  • Can I take part in training virtually?
    At the moment, we do not offer virtual training if you would like to learn abroad. We engage in in-person team building work before trip and can cover travel expenses for volunteers travelling to training.
  • What will I do with my time?
    Each project is unique, but you will be expected to follow a schedule that can vary from working with children or disabled adults to construction and renovation work.
  • Who can participate?
    Anyone from the age of 16 who has had experience of social or economic disadvantage. This may include periods of homelessness, alcohol or drug misuse, or mental health issues.
  • What does the programme cost?
    All of the costs are covered however you will be expected to fundraise some money to cover additional costs. This money will be used to directly benefit the projects you are working with abroad.

Start a New Day with us

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