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The Learning Hub

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About us

At the centre of STAND International's work is people. We believe people have the potential to create vibrant communities that are fair, sustainable and inclusive for all. Where the idea of individuality is balanced by the collective responsibility to “the other”.

We have always worked with people to support them to become active citizens and help them into meaningful employment, encouraging individuals and communities to tap into their own skills and abilities while offering holistic support across the whole process.

The Learning Hub

As part of this commitment during 2021, we developed our programmes further by putting in place a plan that emphasises both formal and informal learning - we established the Learning Hub in East Dunbartonshire. The Learning Hub is a purpose built training academy in the same campus as Ramekin and Rolling Pin, a professional cookery school, run by our sister social enterprise, Silver Stag of Scotland CIC.

This is a multipurpose Hub that provides different routes into community engagement, volunteering, training and employment. It is an established SQA learning centre that offers accredited SQA courses to support individuals and communities to access and fulfil their personal, social and economic potential.

For more information, or to join one of our programmes, please visit or contact them on

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