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No matter where you are in Scotland, you have access to training and learning opportunities abroad that can help you gain skills, boost confidence, and earn qualifications.


Our organization offers multiple trips throughout the year, with mentors available to provide support. We partner with other organizations to offer placements in Ghana, Romania, and potentially Eastern European countries, each with a unique set of activities and tasks that focus on developing various skills.

We offer shorter 3 to 4 day trips for young people, aged 16-30, as well as longer trips of 2 to 3 weeks for anyone over 16.

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Start a New Day with us

As part of The Learning Alliance Scotland (LAS), an informal cluster of several third sector interfaces and organisations. We offer training and support into employment for young people and adults in East Dunbartonshire through a person led approach.

LAS don’t just provide SQA recognised training and qualifications, we also offer socio-emotional support that includes digital and literacy skills, interview planning, personal presentation and branding, self-employment support, and job matching.

If you want to learn and work with STAND, this is what your journey will look like.

Your Journey with Us

1. Getting Started

Register your interest on the
STAND International website 

3. Training

Training takes place across eight to ten weeks and covers mentor matching and pre-departure support to get you ready to go!

Note: If you are involved in a High Intensity Team, training will be short and take place over 2 or 3 sessions.

2. Informal Interview

We will be in touch with you to have a chat and get to know you

4. Trip Abroad

To your destination country

5. Post Trip Support

STAND and your mentor will support you

Learning Opportunities Abroad

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