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Nadeshda, in Belarus is a specialist health and rehabilitation resort for adults and children living with physical disabilities.

Nadeshda is a pioneering centre for the country, as Belarus traditionally has a poor track record in providing effective social care. The centre provides respite for hundreds of disadvantaged people each year in the form of physical therapy, diet, and play. Typically, residents will stay for a couple of weeks with a parent, and the centre offers respite for carers as much as it supports the disabled residents.

We have worked with Nadeshda for a number of years. We train volunteer peer mentors and mentors to go out for a couple of weeks, when they will assist in the day-to-day development and running of programmes of activity. The level of hardship experienced by the centre residents outside Nadeshda is often times very humbling for STAND volunteers who go out. Being able to help such disadvantaged individuals helps to give them a stronger sense of purpose and gratitude for the lives and opportunity they have at home.

You can learn more about the work Nadeshda do on their website.

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