Cernavoda, Romania Project

STAND International recruited groups of eight volunteers/learners who were socially or economically disadvantaged to travel overseas to work with the charity Cernavoda in Romania.

STAND International are recruiting groups of 8 volunteers/learners who are socially or economically disadvantaged and living in Scotland along with mentors and provide short term opportunities for them to travel overseas to Cernavoda, Romania and participate in renovating and building work in impoverished communities and enable an improved living and learning environment.

The work is varied but may include digging foundations, mixing cement, building walls, constructing a roof, plastering or putting the finishing cost of paint on the completed building. The work is quite challenging as building are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. The construction materials techniques are also simple to master and are ideal for sites with limited facilities. No electricity is required - everything is done by hand!

In addition, we are looking for mentors to travel with the team and work with our partners assisting them to look after the team and ensure that they supported in carrying out their tasks. There is no age restriction for this post.

You do not need any previous building experience to take part in this project; although anyone who does have any relevant skills will be very welcome and will be able to take on a more specialised role. All participants should be prepared for working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, so a flexible attitude and a willingness to get involved when needed is essential.

Costs for flights, accommodation and food are provided. However, there will be some fundraising involved to directly benefit those children and poor families our partners work with.

You will live in shared accommodation with other team members. Projects will be in and around the local town area. Please take into consideration that the work will be demanding and the conditions sparse, full participation in the project will be expected from all participants.

If you are interested in this project, please email explaining your interest.

Only British Passport or dual citizenship holders are eligible.

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